Creative Brochure Design Tutorial in Adobe Photoshop

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Today with respect of users need just design an brochure with 2 pages (front + back page) where we shown a creative company brochure which is providing some services like brochure printing as technology and designing based roundups (Free PSD Source File), you may visit there also onling with the name of SmashingBuzz, hope you easily understand all steps of this Adobe Photoshop tutorial which is fully inspired and fulfill an professional design needs, you can use this source file for your personal and commercial use as well, if you really like this tutorial leave your comments about this effort.

1. First of all download an image which you may use in brochure design (you can use your own photo for design).

2.  we are using an Arista font for title of our brochure.

3. Open a new document in Adobe Photoshop with dimensions 1100×600. (CMYK colors)  If you intend this to be a large brochure as you have requirements.


4. after create new document we just set rulers on our required area (550px width each) as we drawn in below image.


5. On the new layer and using a Gradient Tool (Keyboard key: G) set to Linear Gradient, create a gradient from colors #00aeff to #353433.


6. Let us now create an circles. Using the Ellipse Tool (Keyboard key: U), create a circle with color fill #ffffff. Make sure the Shape Layers option is activated. Draw the circle somewhere below the bottom half of the backpage document.


7. Now repeat Step 6 three more times and draw the inner circles. For the colors I have used # f47721, # 97ca49 and # 010000. We should now have something like this.


8. Merge all the 4 circles together in one layer, Duplicate this layer 3 times, arrange and resize the circles so we would have different placements and varied sizes.


9. Beneath all our circles layers, let us now draw our vertical lines. Using the Rectangular Tool (U), draw vertical lines from the top of the document and bottom of the document to where our circles placed. Use the same colors as we did with the repeated circles.


10. On right bottom all our circles layers, let us now draw our horizontal lines. Using the Rectangular Tool (Keyboard key: U), draw horizontal lines from the left of the document right of the document to where our circles placed. Use the same colors as we did with the repeated circles.


11. now add logo as we writing there text based logo using font name Arista.


12. in this step we just put our brochure given informative data on back page with heading where we using “Myriad Pro” font even in description text.


13. we’re focusing on an importent part of this creative designed brochure “contact” area which is highlighted area.


14. in this last step we just finalize our very professional brochure with an water mark style image where already placed some other brochure images in perspective view which make 100 time more professional environment, we just get this image from Link. just remove unnecessory things from this image and transform (CTRL + T) after select this image on banner area (both pages) and drop after set on background and redure opacity 10%, as we shown in below image.


Final Result (Front Page)


Final Result (Back Page)



Download Source File

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