Create an Famous Blog Logo Through Photoshop Tutorial

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Today we’re trying to present an short way for make glossy logo for your designing blog website, we using some easy steps and make an very professional logo also follow some inspirational ideas and using Adobe Photoshop, you also get some illustrator way of learning which making shown in listed steps, you can use his source as personal or commercial as well.

Create a new document (CTRL+N) in Photoshop with 2000×2000 pixels screen resolution. with white (color=#ffffff) background.


After create new Photoshop document. now we’re ready further pick Ellipse Tool (Keyword key: U) make an required size circle where you want, and draw on white area where you want.


Now with the Direct selection tool (Keyboard key: A) and change the shape of drawed circle untill you have something similar as we want in our logo, hold SHIFT (Keyboard key) when you grab the center nodes, everything must be to strict in the center of drawed circle.


Add gradient on drawed circle with foreground color #790303 and background color #ff0000 use the way “Select circle layer–>Layer Menu–>Layer Style–>Gradient Overlay, put both colors and make little fade between colors.


Let’s move next step where we Hold “CTRL” button from keyboard and Left Click on your circle layer for make selection.


Create a new layer (Press: CTRL + SHIFT + N) or go to Layer–>New–>Layer, there no need name for your layer like before, you should repete same process 2 time more, now make one time selection Hold “CTRL” button and fill white color in your Layer 1, which you were make through above process and more white layer using “UP ARROW” from keyboard, we shown result below after that:


Deselect the white shape you just created press “CTRL+D” and take the Move Tool or can move down through “Down Arrow” keyboard and hold “SHIFT” as well during this process, result will be look like below image:


Here in this step just repete above step and over with the white color as you seen in below image (use “Opacity 70” are with first layer, with 2nd “Opacity 60”, with 3nd “Opacity 40” with 4th “Opacity 20” with 5th “Opacity 10”  same apple on both directions (top and bottom), let us show the result.


we should add stroke with color #4f0000 and size shoube be 15 as we have circle (shape) size, you may follow your circle size and apply there stroke.


now finaly use Font “[z] Arista” and default font “Myriad Pro” for logo name there placed where you want as we shown below:


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