Complete Grunge Web Layout Tutorial in Photoshop

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Today with my 6 hours effort for you peoples who love to read all our articles, now here is Complete Grunge Web Layout Tutorial in Photoshop, we will go through the process of very professional designing that free photoshop template which you can use personal and even first time offering you commercial too, you may get free Photoshop PSD File which using in this tutorial.

Step #1 Create New File

We’re start now, in this step create new file (Ctlr + N or File – New) that is 1400 wide and 1150 height.


Step #2 Download a grunge Backgound images

we just choose an free grunge background image for our website design
Grunge Backgrounds – Paper 4 by zerocustom1989


Step #3 Set Ruler Design Area

in this below screen shot you may get idea about design area where we put all contents, you may get idea from Photoshop info penel of right column in this below picture


Step #4 Designe Header Links Area

in below screen get futher idea to make top header link background using Photoshop custom shape tool.


Step #4 Designe Header Background

top area where we create background for add our required top links as you seen in below picture.


Step #5 Header with Top Menu

after create top background under top menus using font-face Myriad Pro, write there links as you seen in underneath picture, there we using an custome shape (rounded ractangle) with Background Color #cae10e and active link color is #010101 of active top Tab.


Step #5 Header (Company Name/Personal Name)

My header will contain only personal name, where you can write your company name too with same grunge font which also available here Download Link (Dead Secretary by – Andrew2) now further with the logo, you seen our logo where font-size is 50pt, this should be aligned use guide.


Dead Secretary by – Andrew2


Step #5 Header Social Bookmarking Area

We will add some famous social bookmarking website icons (twitter, Digg, facebook and stumbleupon), we’re getting these transparent icons from, you can Download Free Glossy Orange Orb Social Networking Icons (3.8 MiB)


Step #6 Draw Guides for Body contents

In this below picture we draw guides as reference for decide our contents in 3 columns where we put Services, about and Experience description text which is design requirement.


Step #7 Body contents Title Background

this is very creative tip for you when we going to draw an background using brush”Charcoal Large Smear” 63 Master Diamiter, just draw wherever you want to make your titles.


Step #8 Body contents Title Area

Leave an titles with some description text box with the size of 340px wide and height according to text data which you seen there in single title example, with font color #000000.


Step #9 Body contents Title Area

Then duplicate the same content titles with description text the middle and right columns.
in portfolio category i am using sample portfolio screen shots from Templatemonster just as sample and not selling here.


Step #9 Body contents (Blog Detail Area)

in this step create an black background with the size of 1024px wide there we will be adding 6 blog designs (some of these are my friend blog websites) that showcase work from my blog websites, you find your own images that you want tp showcase and crop, resize, make white border the images will be 313px wide and 174px height.


Step #9 Footer Area

Another very importent area of any professional website where we put our links and copyright information.
there we create an rounded rectangle for write bottom links.


Step #10 Final Website Design Look

Here is finaly a professional look at what we have designed for you.


hope you’d like so you can Download PSD File use can your personal and commercial use, but please leave your comments below too about this tutorial effort.


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