15 Creative Tutorial Publication of June 2009

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We Proudly posting Latest Adobe Photoshop Latest and very much creative design Tutorials for beginners and professionals, you may get more professional work there, download source files, learn from famous Photoshop professionals who always try to make something unique and more awesome designs for you, hope you enjoy those work and leave your comments for more professional work.

Learn the best ways to create the perfect wall poster.

How to Mold Paint Splatter to a Face in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to take splattered paint Photoshop brushes and apply them to the contours of a model’s face. This is a comparatively straightforward technique, which yields outstanding artistic results. Let’s get to it!


Design an Awesome Space Dancer Scene with Nebula Texture in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you the processes I used to design this overwhelming space dancer scene with Nebula Texture in Photoshop. The inspiration of the tutorial in fact came from the latest “Prince of Persia” game cover (and yes, I do love this game very much!)
Together we will be using image modification options, layer blending, masking and filter effect. I will also like to emphasize that it’s very significance to choose the right stock texture for your design, as they will contribute and improve your final effect radically.


Make Perfect Selection for Human Object by Utilising Channel Mask Technique in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you a quite useful technique I use in Photoshop to make perfect human selection, which requires the mixture of channel mask and the quick selection tool available in Photoshop CS3.
I have received a number of emails recently in regards to this topic and I have determined to post this short tutorial with a step-by-step guide for beginners. Once you master this skill, you can apply it to attractive much every human image you want to selection/extract.
Meanwhile, if you have any tips/tricks about making selections, you’re more than welcome to share your knowledge with us, just drop a comment below Although this is not a formal photo effect tutorial but rather a tip/trick, I have created a final image here:


Draw a Cute Glossy Star via 3 Easy Steps in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw this Cute Glossy Star via 3 Easy Steps in Photoshop, which you can use for a wide range of ornamental purposes. The aim of this tutorial to commence you the Polygon Tool and the settings connected to it, plus the method you can use for adding glossy effect to certain element.
Along the way, we will be using the Polygon Tool to draw the star, and use some straightforward layer blending effect to add the shining, glossy effect to it. I will also use the Pen Tool and dynamic brush settings for the final effect. The effect is easy to achieve and very practical. Have a try!


Design a God of War III Inspired Cracked Text Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show the processes involved in designing a God of War III Inspired Cracked Text Effect in Photoshop. I personally have been a fan of the God of War Series for a long time and got the inspiration for this tutorial from the game title text effect, and thought I could make a tut for it :)

Along the way, I would like to show you the use of custom brushsets in Photoshop and how to use them to create eye-catching effect for your design work. There are also techinques such as layer blending mode, masking and image adjustments. Have a go!


Super Cool Watercolor Effect in 10 steps in Photoshop

I wrote a Photoshop tutorial for PSDTUTS showing how to create a very nice design using watercolor brushes. It was inspired by the work of guys such as Bruno Fujii, Margot Mace, Raphaël of My Dead Pony and Stina Person. This time I will create another effect but it will be using Masks and Watercolor brushesl; it’s inspired by another great digital artist, the master Scott Hansen the mind behind ISO 50 and also some images from the Daily Inspiration.


Reader Tutorial: Create a Grungy Poster In Photoshop

In this very easy tutorial we will create a really cool skater poster in our favorite image editor program, Photoshop. My aim with this tutorial is to show you how to find and use awesome free stuff around the net. It’s an ideal tutorial for Photoshop newbies. We’ll use tons of layers, blending modes, textures and a lot of useful stuff. Check it out!


Create a Wooden Stack Dock Icon in Photoshop

On today’s tutorial i will be showing you how to create a wooden stack icon for your dock or any other programs using icons, we’ll use some wood textures and different filters to give a nice effect.


Create a Texture Based Vintage TV Poster in Photoshop

This tutorial will teach you how to create a Texture Based Vintage TV Poster using some paper and grunge textures. You’ll also learn some new tricks using the Wave and Motion Blur Filters.

Hey designers, here’s a new tutorial to create a simple and nice Retro Vintage TV Poster. If you’ve already read some of my other tutorial, you’ve saw I really like retro style, this time we’ll use some new filters and new techniques.


Download PSD File

Create a Dark Soldier Illustration in Photoshop

Hi designers, in this tutorial You’ll learn how to create a Dark Soldier Illustration in Photoshop using some stock image, brushes and a few techniques.


Download PSD File

Create an Abstract Color Wallpaper in Photoshop

Create an Abstract Color Wallpaper in Photoshop while learning new techniques and creating a custom photoshop brush.

New tutorial out of Imagination, Last day I was playing with photoshop, trying to make something nice and simple and that’s what came out, you’ll create an abstract wallpaper with shapes, textures and brushes.


Download PSD File

Create a Space Invaders Poster

Create a Space Invaders Poster while learning how to use the the refine edge, poster edges and spherize tools using some textures and a few techniques.

Fresh tutorial just out of the clouds, use some textures and stock photos to create a nice space poster.


Download PSD File

Create a Watercolor Logo in Photoshop

Create a Watercolor Logo, using different watercolor and paper textures learning different techniques on brushes and layer mask.

A few weeks ago I created a wallpaper for the site, I thought it could make an interesting tutorial for every level designers, I hope you’ll appreciate the creation.


Download PSD File

Photoshop Tutorial: Michael Jackson Wallpaper

Last week we lost Michael Jackson, a true legend and without any doubt, an inspiration to a whole generation. I grew up listening to his songs and of course, was amazed by his movie clips and dance moves. The moonwalk was something I always wanted to learn how to do and even today, it still impresses me. Also the light effects were always part of the Michael Jackson’s repertoire and of course, have influenced a lot in my style.


Download Wallpaper PSD Source File

Create a Custom Photoshop Splash Screen

Create a Custom Photoshop Splash Screen, Tutorial in 2 parts, the first one is all about creating a new splash screen and the second one will explain how to change the original photoshop splash screen.

Like every photoshop users, I see the splash screen every time I load photoshop. I thought it could be nice to write a tutorial on creating a new one to make your photoshop unique.


Download PSD File

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